Stanford Moonshot Club 🚀

The Stanford Moonshot Club is a newly founded and quickly growing student organization. We drive inclusive tinkering by providing students with a collaborative environment, mentorship, and resources to get their dream engineering-related projects—or Moonshots—off the ground. We also inspire and educate the community through speaker events and educational workshops.

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Stanford Moonshot is the place for all forms of creativity to thrive: Want to ride a motorized couch around campus? Want to make customized cloaks for you and all your friends? How about using AI to make a chat bot to respond to all your messages for you? Have any other crazy project that you want to start but aren't sure how, or don't have the resources? Then this is the place for you!

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We host weekly Build Sessions where students can brainstorm and collaborate on projects, find peers with similar interests, and just enjoy the energy of a bustling makerspace. These events are a great place to learn the ropes, meet new people, and channel your creativity!

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We aim to combine innovative thinking and passion with technical know-how, so we welcome students of all backgrounds and interests. To arm our members with the knowledge they need to start their dream projects, we host workshops guided by peer experts on a variety of digital, technical, and craft skills. These workshops are a great way to try something new!

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We also host speaker events to give members a chance to hear from with successful speakers who embody our club’s mission of inclusive, collaborative tinkering for ambitious projects. These are a great opportunity to get the wisdom of successful figures in a variety of fields.

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